Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Co-registration of GeoTiff images with Full-waveform LiDAR data

In Remote Sensing, combining multiple sensors could be beneficial due to the increased information that could be used to train a classifier. Here, there is a tutorial with some scripts accosiated to help you co-register LiDAR metrics exported from the open source software DASOS [1] with GeoTIFF sattelitte imagery:

Link to open source software DASOS: https://github.com/Art-n-MathS/DASOS 

The “FOREST” project, with project protocol number “OPPORTUNITY/0916/MSCA/0005”, is co–financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus through the Cyprus Research & Innovation Foundation.

Work Cited:
Miltiadou, M., Grant, M. G., Campbell, N. D., Warren, M., Clewley, D., & Hadjimitsis, D. G. (2019, June). Open source software DASOS: Efficient accumulation, analysis, and visualisation of full-waveform lidar. In Seventh International Conference on Remote Sensing and Geoinformation of the Environment (RSCy2019) (Vol. 11174, p. 111741M). International Society for Optics and Photonics.

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